Application- Mobile Display Driver IC

   TITC's Compression IPs are used in more than 800M Mobile Display Driver ICs (DDIC) . Their real-time, low latency, fixed compression ratio, low cost, low power characteristics benefit chip designs a lot. There are many configurable block sizes (or compression unit) which range from 2V2H (2 vertical pixels by 2 horizontal pixels), 2V4H, 2V8H, 2V16H, to 4V4H, compression ratios which range from 1/2 to 1/4, and bit depths which range from 8 to 12, for users to choose from. TITC also has special Pentile type (RGBG) compression for AMOLED Display Driver ICs.

   Each block is compressed independently without referencing any neighboring blocks. This can easily satisfy the requirement of partial update, random access. Furthermore, multiple instantiations can make higher throughput possible. TITC can provide professional recommendation and customized service to balance IP area and the performance.

Mobile Display Driver IC.png
Mobile Display Driver IC Table .png