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Novatek Technology Corporation has adopted TITC’s Image Compression IP to their in-coming Products 



Hsin Chu, Taiwan –  February 20th  2020


Taiwan Imaging Tek (TITC) today announced that Novatek Technology Corporation (Novatek), a leading fabless IC design company specializing in the design, development, and sales of a wide range of IC chips, has adopted TITC Image and compression IP into their forth-coming display driver products.

Taking advantage of sharp quality enhancement of the display panels, smart phones are migrating to higher resolution for higher image-video quality. Higher resolution in display device adds higher cost of frame buffer memory and related peripheral devices, limits the I/O bandwidth availability, increases level of EMI problem due to higher data rate and enlarged PCB size and signal routing.

 “We are excited to see TITC’s Frame Buffer Compression IP will be adopted on mobile devices through new Novatek product while the mobile market are booming. With more than 1.2B products realized TITC IPs, TITC provides not only top quality compression IP with small gate count, lower memory cost, but also system know-how in reducing data rate of the image signal traveling among devices.” Says Mr. Star Sung, the CEO of TITC. “TITC’s lossless compression IPs have entered mass production in imaging/video systems since year 2006 through German Micronas (merged by Trident, later Sigma Design, an US public Co.), the world top TV decoder supplier then, Kawasaki Micron (merged to Megachips) in TCON for TV, Renesas, Panasonic in TV processor,  Mediatek in car device, Himax and FocalTech in smart phone LCD Driver, Magnachip, TLi, and Anapass in AMOLED driver, Altek and Fujitsu(Socionet) in 3D VR/MR Camera, Sunplus in DVD/STB chip and Italian Olivetti in MFP machines. We keep investing in lossless compression IPs as well as Motion Estimation and other image related technologies including VESA, MIPI DSC and VDCM codec, providing the best solutions, system know how and customer design for our world top partners.”


 Some global system and IC suppliers in TV, Display panel, mobile phone, image sensor, MFP, DSC/DV, DVD/STB, and 3D/Gaming, 3D/VR/AR/MR are adopting TITC IPs and solutions for cutting the power consumption, reducing the memory cost and easing the EMI issues. TITC also provides DeMura IPs to help promoting the yield of OLED (and Micro LED) display panels. Above exciting news further demonstrates the prevailing advantage of TITC compression technology in the consumer markets.

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