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Who we are...

Taiwan Imaging-Tek Corporation (TITC) is dedicated to the development of innovative compression IP (Silicon Intellectual Property) for image/video/AI related ICs. Our IPs are well integrated in customer IC products like Mobile phone Display Driver, TV SoC, and Image Signal Processor(ISP). End products embedded TITC IPs cover TV, projector, mobile, camera, and autonomous electronics.​

embedded compression for display multimedia

Our Applied Field

TITC was established in November 2002, financially backed by a German federal government fund (tbg). TITC’s service and quality has been proven by many world top customers with more than 1B units of IC shipment. TITC accumulates long-term partnerships cross Asia, US, and Europe.

TITC’s compression IPs benefit ICs with low power, low memory bandwidth, quicker transmission, and low internal memory requirement. High performance, low gate count, realtime encode and decode IPs make products more competitive. 

TITC provides values to our customers.
Only when customers are successful, TITC will be successful !

TITC Business Network

business network cross Asia US and Europe
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