VESA DSC ( Display Stream Compression ) and VDC-M ( VESA Display Stream Compression-M ) are standard which is used for compressing and decompressing image display streams. It is designed for real-time systems, with real-time compression, transmission, decompression, and display. These standard IP could be used in many applications and save the transmission cost, such as between a mobile application processor and display panel, between a computer graphics and display monitor, and so on. 

     TITC provides a DSC decoder IP which is compatible to VESA DSC V1.1 and V1.2a, and VDC-M DEC IP is ready soon. Specially, TITC provides 6P/T versions DSC DEC, which could be used for 1 slice setting. These IP are configurable in display resolution ( Up to 4K, UHD+, and 8K ), bits per video component ( 8 and 10 bits ), video output formats( RGB, YCbCr444, YUV422, and YUV420 ), and multiple slice per line setting ( 1, 2, or 4 ). TITC also provides customized service to shrink the IP area when no need to support the whole configuration.


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