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D Series: Demura parameter for Flash

    TITC proprietary De-Mura Compression IP is comprised of the Software Encoder and the Hardware Decoder. The compression IP can be configured according to different parameters such as Flash size (e.g. compressed data size is configurable from 16Mbits to 8Mbits), and bin-sizes (i.e. pixel downsample size like 2by2, 4by4, and others).


    The software encoder can incorporate customer's De-Mura table format (downsampled or non-downsampled).We provide customized service to stitch customer's De-Mura data, and preprocessing with our data compression IP seemlessly. The hardware decoder can adapt to customer's requirement on throughputs. We provide multi instance architecture to meet high throughput needs. Furthermore, TITC proprietary Compression IP has already been validated by large OLED/LCD panel makers and licensed by IC Fabless customers.


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