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F Series: TITC RGB/RGBG for Frame Buffer

    Lower level APs (Application Processor) in smart phones may not support VESA DSC to reduce transmission bandwidth between AP and DDIC (Display Driver IC). DDI sometimes need to support both lower and higher level APs with the same embedded SRAM footprint. Proprietary compression and decompression functions are asked to added in DDIC.

    TITC provided huge mass production proven compression and decompression IP to solve this headache. IPs support range from H2V2 2x, H8V2 3x, to H4V4 4x, with the capability of partial update. Special color format like RGBG in AMOLED panel also can be supported by customization. You can rest assured that it is the best solution because of world wide brand name’s qualification.




◇◆TITC F-Series IP

frame buffer fixed ratio compression ip
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