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S Series: RGB/YUV for FRC & Scalar

    Frame Rate Conversion(FRC) and Scalar have been long developed in multimedia. FRC techniques generate pseudo image frames between at least two consecutive frames, usually by the technique of Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) to get better motion picture qualities. At least one frame picture stored in memory. Scalar techniques as well generate pseud image lines between at least two consecutive lines. Several image lines are required to be in memory. Both techniques need high memory i/o bandwidth when image resolution get higher.

    TITC proposed segment-based or block-based, fixed-ratio, visual-lossless compression in RGB/YUV format. This mass production proven technique can ease the pain point of i/o bandwidth hunger. Supporting bit depth up to 12 meets mainstream requirement. Compression unit and bit depth can also be customized.


◇◆TITC S-Series IP

frc/scalar frame image compression ip
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